Using an Introspection Query

A third way of building a schema is using an introspection query on an existing server. This is what GraphiQL uses to get information about the schema on the remote server. You can create an introspection query using GraphQL-core 3 with the get_introspection_query() function:

from graphql import get_introspection_query

query = get_introspection_query(descriptions=True)

This will also yield the descriptions of the introspected schema fields. You can also create a query that omits the descriptions with:

query = get_introspection_query(descriptions=False)

In practice you would run this query against a remote server, but we can also run it against the schema we have just built above:

from graphql import graphql_sync

introspection_query_result = graphql_sync(schema, query)

The data attribute of the introspection query result now gives us a dictionary, which constitutes a third way of describing a GraphQL schema:

{'__schema': {
    'queryType': {'name': 'Query'},
    'mutationType': None, 'subscriptionType': None,
    'types': [
        {'kind': 'OBJECT', 'name': 'Query', 'description': None,
         'fields': [{
            'name': 'hero', 'description': None,
            'args': [{'name': 'episode', 'description': ... }],
            ... }, ... ], ... },
        ... ],
    ... }

This result contains all the information that is available in the SDL description of the schema, i.e. it does not contain the resolve functions and information on the server-side values of the enum types.

You can convert the introspection result into GraphQLSchema with GraphQL-core 3 by using the build_client_schema() function:

from graphql import build_client_schema

client_schema = build_client_schema(

It is also possible to convert the result to SDL with GraphQL-core 3 by using the print_schema() function:

from graphql import print_schema

sdl = print_schema(client_schema)

This prints the SDL representation of the schema that we started with.

As you see, it is easy to convert between the three forms of representing a GraphQL schema in GraphQL-core 3 using the graphql.utilities module.